Totally Trad | Upstate Irish Music Workshop

Join us for our Totally Trad | Upstate Irish Arts Workshop at Celtic Hall in Albany/Colonie! Our morning program is great for beginners and the open session is perfect for intermediate+ musicians. Stick around for the afternoon masterclass workshops featuring Ship in the Clouds and get an up-close opportunity to learn from the band ahead of their evening show.

Morning beginner classes to be announced.

Open session starts at 11:00 a.m.

Masterclass & Performance:
Ship in the Clouds

Afternoon masterclass workshops with Ship in the Clouds include:

About Ship in the Clouds:

Ship in the Clouds is a new collaboration of musicians hailing from America’s hotbeds of Irish traditional music, Boston and New York City. Having performed in various configurations for decades, all four are accomplished musicians in their own right, playing 8 different instruments between them. With strings, reeds, sticks and skin, Ship in the Clouds brings an airy lift and a playful energy to the living tradition.

Listen to Ship in the Clouds on Bandcamp.  Watch Ship in the Clouds on YouTube.