About Us

The Upstate Irish Arts Center, Inc is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting Irish arts, culture, and music through education and performances.

How we started

Upstate Irish Arts Center founder, Sean Maguire, always longed for a deeper connection to the Irish roots that are all through his family tree.  As a young man, he first listened to legendary acts like The Chieftains and The Clancy Brothers thanks to his best friend (and Irish muse).  While learning the concertina, he started to discover smaller and highly talented acts that are keeping Irish music traditions alive.

The challenge? Irish music has some great homes in large cities and a summer home in the Catskills.  So, why not bring it upstate for a regular program and begin to build our own upstate Irish arts and music presence?

We've partnered with Celtic Hall and the Capital District Celtic Cultural Association Inc. to put this new program together.  Celtic Hall is our home base and where our program will reside, and we're pleased to have support provided by CDCCA to make this all possible!

Board of Directors

Sean Maguire
Founder & President

Christina Carey
Vice President

Liz Barrett

Erin Kelly
At-Large Member